D’R@S@ care

Funds D'R@S@ Care was established in early 2010 by our own party that aims by inviting customers and the publics to help by contribute for those in need. RM1.00 each from the sale of each bottle of biscuits will be put into D'R@S@ care fund. So all the buyers have the opportunity to donate every time they purchase the biscuits. Funds raises will be given by the party’s FIT2Z or debited to the account of the recipient. It depends on the circumstances and needs, whether the Fund disbursed D'R@S@ care in the form of money or necessities.

Sincerely, it is better for us to help those who in needs because in our beliefs that it ‘much better giving rather than receiving’. The FIT2Z pray and hope that it may be that the contribution of the extended receives blessings from the Almighty. We hope our small efforts and contributions of all to give you a ray of happiness for beings that need help.

All concerns and your help are greatly appreciated.